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Integrated Farm Environment Plans

A LandVision integrated farm environment plan is the complete farm/orchard plan that incorporates the whole system from land and water resources through to stock/growing policy and compliance. It gives a strategic vision of optimisation whilst farming sustainably.

These plans are underpinned by detailed paddock-scale resource mapping. They are prepared in conjunction with the farmer/orchardist and incorporate their personal goals and objectives of where they see the farm business in the future.

Each plan includes an overview, risk assessment and opportunities to mitigate risk in relation to the following modules:

  • Soil Health – crop management, soil conservation and erosion control recommendations.
  • Nutrient, Effluent and Irrigation Management – nutrient budgets, fertiliser management.
  • Freshwater Management – freshwater farm plan content including mahinga kai and Te Mana o Te Wai.
  • Biodiversity – identification of native vegetation, and areas of ecological significance.
  • Biosecurity – on-farm issues, high risk areas of transmission.
  • Sites of Significance and Cultural Heritage.
  • Waste and Chemical Management.
  • Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG’s).

Other information incorporated into the plan includes:

  • Background information – farm goals and objectives, current farm/orchard and stock management.
  • Enterprise Opportunities – land use assessment and opportunities for diversification.
  • A set of detailed maps to show all aspects outlined in the farm plan.
  • Whole Farm Action Plan.