LandVision Services

Our Services

Land, Water and Farm Resource Mapping

LandVision has specialised staff who offer the unique service of paddock scale land, water and farm resource as well as land use capability mapping.

Integrated Farm Environment Plans

A LandVision Integrated Farm Plan is a comprehensive document covering all environmental components of a farm or orchard.

Freshwater Farm Plans

A freshwater farm plan is a regulatory document used to identify and manage the risks to a farms/orchards freshwater resources.

Resource Consent and Compliance Consultancy

LandVision can assist with council compliance and applying for resource consent.

Land Use Assessment and Enterprise Opportunities

LandVision assesses the viability and feasibility of all land use possibilities.

Group Facilitation and Training

Land Vision facilitates farm and catchment discussion groups on a wide range of land management issues

Erosion Management

Erosion control plans produced by LandVision offer innovative soil conservation solutions.

Coastal Management

LandVision has expertise and experience in managing a number of coastal management systems.

Farm Forestry

Staff at LandVision are able to provide expert advice on farm forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

EM Sensor and Drone Technology

LandVision uses an Electromagnetic Sensor to develop comprehensive soil conductivity maps.

LandVision staff are also competent uses of Drone Technology 

White Boards

LandVision are able to produce whiteboards overlain with subdivision maps for ease of management.