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Freshwater Farm Plans – Waikato Region

Freshwater Farm Plans (FWFP’s) are part of the regulated farm planning system. They help to identify:

    • the risks of farming activities on a farm’s freshwater resources.
    • actions that avoid, remedy and/or mitigate those risks.

    These plans are required by landowners with:

    • pastoral or arable land uses over 20 ha.
    • horticultural land uses over 5 ha.
    • any combination of these land uses equal to or over 20 ha.

    Freshwater Farm Plans are being rolled out over the Waikato Region with the Waipa Catchment activated on the 1st August 2023. This catchment is being followed by the Upper and Middle Waikato and West Coast-South Catchments on the 1st January 2024.

    LandVision helps landowners to develop freshwater farm plans for their properties. LandVision’s Joel Perry is also a freshwater farm plan certifier for the Waikato Region.

    For more information see the Freshwater Regulations Section at Resources – LandVision. or contact Joel Perry at