Freshwater Farm Plans – Waikato Region

Freshwater Farm Plans (FWFP’s) are part of the regulated farm planning system. They help to identify: These plans are required by landowners with: pastoral or arable land uses over 20 ha. horticultural land uses over 5 ha. any combination of these land uses equal to or over 20 ha. Freshwater Farm Plans are being rolled […]

NZ Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP Plus)

The NZ Farm Assurance Programme Plus sets out to create more sustainable and prosperous farming businesses all the while demonstrating to the global communities that the NZ red meat and wool sectors are farming sustainably and ethically. NZ FAP Plus is a voluntary programme for red meat and wool farms aiming to enhance farm and […]

Land Productivity Reports (NES-HPL)

Since the NPS-HPL came into effect LandVision has helped clients all over New Zealand who want to subdivide their land for housing. LandVision staff have extensive experience in land use classification using paddock scale mapping techniques. Paddock scale mapping is critical to properly classify land and removes the inaccuracies that arise from using regional scale […]

Wetland management

On fieldwork visits LandVision staff consistently witness great environmental work being done by farmers. Here, a large wetland area on a farm in the South Waikato has been retired and planted in natives.

Drone Technology

LandVision staff are competent users of drone technology. Drone imagery gives a different perspective of the land during the mapping process.